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is accused of stealing his lamborghini. max wade is also accused of attempted murder. kron 4's j.r. stone was in court and has the story. been a 40, was surprised. >> 40, was surprised. >> reporter: celebrity food network host guy fieri talking about his quick court appearance as he testified against this man. max wade.the suspect prosecutors say stole fieri's 200- thousand dollar lamborghini in 2011. >> it was gone for 1.5 years and i would get phone calls all the time. my friends would call me all the time and believe it or not there is more than just one yellow lamborghini. and my attorney would hear about it and it turns out that he was driving it. sot >> reporter: in fact prosecutors argue that wade stole the car partially because he wanted to impress a girl he was interested in. the prosecution says it was a quote, "mission impossible" type of theftthe kind you only see in the movies. fieri says he couldn't believe the news. >> i was in chicago show on a shoot and because the cameras were running. and i thought that somebody was messing with me. and i thought that it was just a bad
. >> catherine: now at 8-- >> catherine: guilty verdicts for max wade.. he's the teenager tried for the attempted murder of a romantic rival -- and stealing the fancy car belonging to a celebrity chef. kron 4's dan kerman is live in san rafael and joins us with details of the jury's decision today -- and what's next. dan? >> reporter: no catherine when the car was stolen the thought that it was a teenage prank but the shooting, things became serious. how serious now he faces multiple years in prison. 19 year old max weighed is now known for trying to kill someone. inside each of a woman that he was infatuated with was found guilty of attempted murder. you never really know if they were away from someone at this fired in a passenger's compartment or aiming towards the female victim. that could have played in the jury's decision >> reporter: wade was also accused of all past was stilling the lamborghini of celebrity chefs. guy fierini >> reporter: to say that it was all and the head of a disturbed person the judge has to take into account the litigation and the age and lack of maturity and emotiona
for controversial statements made about president obama. in an email sent from a county-issued account, max lenington used derogatory words when discussing mister obama's re-election. >> "one day my dear sister emailed me and asked me 'what do you think max? why did we lose?' and that was my response to her." >> "he can say those hateful things from his rocking chair on his front porch but he can't say them from the county court house, the symbol of justice in our community. we won't accept it." >> thompson is calling for a resignation. local officials haven't said if lenington's actions were a violation of county policies. new details tonight on a tragic fall yesterday at the races. hall of fame jockey john velasquez underwent surgery today to remove his spleen after his horse, secret compass, fell during the running of the two million dollar breeders cup competition. in the fall secret compas broke her leg and had to be euthanized on the track. coming up. a man inches away from a fatal accident! we take another look at that amazing video coming up! uz)Ñ it's been a sour week for wine lov
is deliberating the case against max wade. the 19-year-old accused of trying to murder two teenagers in mill valley. >> catherine: he's better known for allegedly stealing a lamborghini belonging to celebrity chef guy fieri. yesterday, fieri testified he did not know wade, and did not give him permission to take the car. wade is being charged as an adult. >> catherine: he's facing about 30-years in prison. >> catherine: coming up at a white google class could end up costing you a real fortune. the big mystery on the bay and it does not look like this thing will go anywhere anytime soon. andanother piece of video.that bay area car maker tesla wishes was not circulating on the internet. for the second time this month.we see a tesla model-s after it burst into flames. this most recent incident was in mexico >> reporter: >> jacqueline: temperatures are dropping off into the 40 range with 46 in half moon bay and 48 and a bottle. we will see some 30 ♪ yeah, i dream about bacon. [sfx] wham! so i'm bringing back the blt cheeseburger combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4